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Company History ... milestones on the path to success ...

  1972 The young engineer Peter Auer employs sideline with first studies on the topic "stairclimbing disabled vehicle". As a test and prototype workshop serves a disused cowshed at Effretikon, Switzerland. 1976 Development and patenting of the first wheelchair-staircrawler (global origin patent). 1977 Foundation of the company Peter Auer. Recruiting the first employee and production starting in an old farmhouse in the Swiss Truttikon, Canton Zurich. First production series of 50 pieces staircrawler model 761R manufactured and sold. from 1981 Expansion of product portfolio with stair lifts, disabled vehicles and rehabilitation equipment of any kind. Model developments, expanding sales and export to Europe. 1984 Conversion of the sole proprietorship into a public limited company under Swiss law with the participation of school friend and brother in law Markus Stammbach. 1991 Foundation of the subsidiary Peter Auer GmbH in Gailingen, Germany. Purchase of commercial property at the Friedhofstr. 12, the long-term corporate domicile to 2014, and expansion of the complete production operation of the single part production to final assembly. 1993 Development of staircrawler model TR-93 in weight-saving lightweight design. Strong production expansion and sales expansion in the EU area. Development and basic patent for the first mobile lift system ML-93. 1995 Delivery of the 1000th AUER-staircrawler. 1996 Development and basic patent for UBM rootstock disbudding machines for the wine industry. Manufacturing and sales in cooperation with Martin Auer, nurseries, Hallau-Switzerland. 2000 Separation of the operations in Switzerland and Germany into two independent companies. The Peter Auer AG remains as a trading operation under the management of Markus Stammbach while Peter Auer GmbH in Gailingen- Germany is focused as development, production and distribution center for own AUER products under the management of the company founder. from 2000 Continuous expansion of the product portfolio with additional in-house developments and expanding global sales. 2006 Development and start of production of portable wheelchair lift system PL-06/08 under utility model protection. 2009 Development and start of production of mobile  lift system CL-09 with stand-on platform. 2011 Delivery of the 3000th AUER-staircrawler. 2013 Sale of the production division of UBM machines to the cooperation partner Martin Auer.     2015 Resolution of the production site in Gailingen-Germany and relocation of its headquarters to the original domicile in Truttikon and Switzerland under the new name "AUER-TECH". Production remains with partner companies in Germany. 2018 Cessation of production and closure of the company as a result of the retirement of company founder and owner Peter Auer. The product lines AUER Stair crawler, AUER Portable lift and AUER-Compact lift are for sale.
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